St. John’s Academy – Monthly News -December 2020

St. John’s Academy – Monthly News -December 2020

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Shawnigan Lake Boarding Campus

1.St. John’s Academy Boarding issues – December (Click here)

  1) Happy birthday, Eric!

It is hard when you are away from home and a special occasion such as a birthday comes around. One of our international students, Erick, was given a surprise birthday celebration by his classmates. The Grades 11 & 12 class organized a cake and gifts which made his day special.

2) Weekend and Holiday activities

Weekends and holidays are a nice break for our students. We always plan something fun, active and interesting for our boarding students. 
Being located on Vancouver Island there is such a variety of activities to experience. 
This term, students have enjoyed time picking up shells on the Pacific Ocean beaches, being able to hike around Cowichan Bay, going shopping in Victoria, eating at authentic restaurants in Chinatown,
experiencing the outdoor market in Duncan, and of course kayaking and paddle boarding on Shawnigan Lake.

3. Yeast Fermentation Labs in Biology

Vancouver Campus!

1. Winter Break!

We did it – we are done!
St. John’s Academy wishes all students and staff a relaxing winter break.  Take time for you, stay safe and healthy and we will see you back January 4th, 2021!!!!

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Shawnigan Lake Boarding Campus

Vancouver Campus

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